Darice Pony Beads 1000 Piece Opaque Color

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Darice Pony Beads are perfect for a huge variety of kids crafts! This bag of 1, 000 crafting beads are 9mm in diameter and have an easy-to-thread hole in the middle, so they’re ideal for little fingers. They are fun to use on their own or mixed with other bead colors and shapes to make jewelry and craft projects.

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Pony beads are economical and easy to incorporate in a variety of craft projects. This particular bag of multicolor opaque beads from Darice delivers 1000 beads for well under a penny a bead. The generous easy-to-thread hole in the middle keeps frustration low and creative minds engaged. The bead colors are distinct and can be used for other education purposes as well (i.e. math, pattern recognition, motor skill development, etc.).

The main flaw to be aware of is the various imperfections of a few of the beads. Some beads have non-smooth edges that can scratch the users, some beads are not formed well so the beads cannot lay flush to the neighboring bead, etc..  This problem is easily resolved by sorting through them, older kids likely will have no issues with this, but it is still an inconvenience. Overall, these beads still deliver on color, quantity and value. Amazon users give this product 4.6 out of 5 with over 1,300 reviews.

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White Howlite

Natural Stone Beads 100pcs 6mm White Howlite

Product Description

100% sure Genuine Real Natural Stone Beads.

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Beads are a must have in any do-it-yourselfer's jewelry making collection. These particular polished beads from Cmidy are a natural stone in white howlite. The color is absolutely beautiful. It definitely lends itself to a very sophisticated look. They're predrilled with a 1mm hole and come in a clear plastic box.  These beads are also available in a variety of colors and three different sizes: 6mm, 8mm and 10mm.

The down side to working with natural stones, as opposed to a resin or plastic bead, are the small imperfections that are present. These beads did have a few blemishes, but the look and feel of these beads still made it a good purchase. Others crafters mentioned that they received less than the 100 beads promised and the predrilled holes were smaller than 1mm. Overall, Amazon users give this product 4.3 out of 5 stars with over 750 reviews.

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