Holographic Sparkle Fine Chunky Glitter Faux Leather Fabric

Product Description

ZAIONE has integrated with the latest leather in 2019 and combined them into the similar color series, including Fine Glitter, Chunky Glitter, Hexagon Diamond Glitter, Ultra Chunky Glitter, Holographic Leather, Mermaid Leather, Metallic Lychee Leather. Most of them contain 7pcs different style sheets in similar color

Review of Product

These fabrics by ZAIONE are the perfect material to give your outfit, trinket or other fabulous accessory that extra pop.  The unique look of each piece is stunning – if you like the picture of the material then you’ll definitely be happy with the look of the material in person.  It’s faux leather material make cutting or sewing it a cinch. Users can pass it through their sewing machines or use their Cricut or Silhouette to create interesting patterns with this material to incorporate into other projects. These pieces are also available in a variety of colors (red, rose, blue, silver, etc.).

These pieces are each approximately eight by twelve inches in size. This makes it great for smaller crafts (i.e. earrings, hair accessories, lapel pins, shirt pockets, etc.). They are a little thicker material so Cricut or Silhouette users may have to do a little manual cutting after it passes through their machines. Some users reported this material had an initial bad smell and others reported that the pieces were not cut to the exact measurements advertised. Overall, Amazon users loved the look and ease of use of this material giving it 4.6 out of 5 stars with over 400 reviews.

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Craft and Party Blush

Craft And Party 120 ft Fabric Tulle Bolt

Product Description

Incorporate this tulle into your DIY wedding craft projects. Use it make your own veil, to wrap your wedding favors, create your own pew bows and swag & drape it through your aisle and/or decorative arch, decorate your tables, etc.

Review on Product

Tulle is perfect to create that soft and sophisticated look. It's a great material for decorating venues, draping entryways and chairs, incorporating into wedding veils or invitations, sewing costumes and so much more. Unfortunately, tulle at traditional craft stores is expensive. Thank goodness we found 120 feet (54" by 40 yards) of this on Amazon for under $15. True, it is thinner then tulle at traditional craft stores, but again, it is so much more affordable and still looks good. Plus, it's surprisingly soft (not silky soft but definitely not stiff), airy and available in an array of different colors.

Although the tulle fully served its intended purpose, it did need to be aired out for a few minutes to get rid of its funky smell. Also, instead of receiving one continuous piece of tulle, a few Amazon users complained that they received noncontinuous/multiple pieces of tulle. Overall, Amazon users were pretty happy with this product giving it a 4.7 out of 5 stars with over 2,000 reviews.

Key Specs