Creative Options 1363-83 Grab N Go Rack System

Product Description

The innovative grab-n-go rack system adds more storage, more versatility and more value. Each storage system includes a variety of utility boxes that feature the pro-latch locking system that keeps contents secure even if you drop it accidentally. The front Dura view cover offers access to a variety of utility boxes. The top lid also features the pro-latch tension locks and opens to a storage area for larger items.

Review on Product

At some point, every crafter from nearly every genre of crafting will need a storage solution for all their crafting odds and ends. Enter this grab-n-go storage system by Creative Options. This case is thoughtfully designed, functional and handy. First, this case features three separate pull out storage drawers that each have their own latching lid. Users no longer need to shuffle or stack and unstack their bins to get to what they need. Second, the top compartment is wide open for larger tools. Third, the front latching window is clear so users with multiple cases can quickly see or have a good idea of what each case holds. The best thing about this storage system is its sturdy and secure build. Each compartment is securely latched in so users can easily move their entire storage system without concern that their belongings will get jumbled up during transport.

The biggest issue that crafters have with this storage system is the semi-customizable compartment dividers. So, the drawers have non-movable dividers and additional little plastic inserts to further divide and "customize" the drawers. It would be better if users were able to fully customize each drawer. Is it a deal breaker? For some, but, for most, this is still a functional and awesome organizer. Overall, Amazon users give this a resounding thumbs up with 4.7 out of 5 stars and over 1,400 reviews.

Key Specs

Creative Options 1363-83 Grab N Go Rack System













  • Pull Out Drawers
  • Secure Latching System
  • Large Open Top Compartment
  • Sturdy Build


  • Not 100% Customizable
  • Limited Color Selection
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