Creativity for Kids Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit

Product Description

Creativity for Kids Hide & Seek Rock Painting Kit is a new twist on our favorite 2007 Deluxe Rock-a-Doodle Kit. It’s weather resistant and perfect for you, your friends and family to paint rocks to hide outdoors to spread kindness, encouragement and happiness throughout your community – one rock at a time!

Review of Product

Rock painting is a great indoor activity for you and your family to enjoy. This complete kit by Creativity for Kids includes nearly everything you need to make your own rock art - 10 rocks, 8 color paints, 2 brushes, a small sponge and a handful of transfer designs. To get started, lay down some newspaper for easy clean up, lay out your rock art materials, and get some cups of water and paper towels. Next, gather your participants and begin painting and decorating your rocks. It's that easy. Once the rocks are finished, let them dry before placing them around the house or outside for a quick game of hide & seek (sort of like easter egg hunting but with rocks). It is important to note that the included paint is waterproof so mind your mess.

This set is pretty awesome, however, it's not perfect. Some of the included rocks are small and not smooth. This makes using the transfer designs difficult because the design is too large for the rock or the roughness of the rock makes the transfer not adhere. Overall, this kit is a great past time for the family. Amazon users give this painting kit a 4.6 out of 5 stars with over 3,250 reviews.

Key Specs

Creativity for Kids Hide+Seek Rock Painting Kit













  • Waterproof
  • Includes Essentials for Rock Painting
  • Includes Transfer Designs


  • Only 2 Brushes
  • Rocks Are All Different Sizes
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