MumCraft Multipurpose Sewing Clips

Product Description

Make it easy to hold multiple layers of fabrics, binding objects like Quilts, and holding together multiple objects. No Pins needed for Sewing!

Review of Product

Pins were pretty much a must to get the right seam for a sewing project. Unfortunately, pins are sharp and can easily prick sensitive finger tips. Pins can also drop or roll off work spaces which can later pose a painful pricking-hazard to you, your family and your pets. Sewing clips were made to solve this annoying and painful problem. They work like pins, minus the pricking-hazard. They are so much easier to put on and remove. These little clips, by MumCraft, were designed to securely clamp in place. They come in a set of 100 pieces and are in a reusable tin box. They're small but brightly colored so users won't ever forget to pull the clips before they feed their fabric through their sewing machine. Users can also forget the hassle of forcing weak pins through layers of material since these clips can easily clamp and hold the layers together.

These clips are a bit smaller then other clips on the market (could be a plus or a minus depending on the project). Some users did complain that these clips were a little too stiff to open, however, most had no problem opening these clips whatsoever. Other users complained that they received a dented tin box. Overall, Amazon users give this product a 4.8 out of 5 stars with over 5,900 reviews.

Key Specs

MumCraft Multipurpose Sewing Clips













  • Small Clips
  • Brightly Colored
  • Clamps Multiple Layers Easily
  • Quick to Add or Remove


  • Cheap Tin Box
  • Some Clips Arrived Broken
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