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Top Arts and Crafts Gift Ideas for Kids [2020]

Great Arts and Crafts Gift Ideas for Kids

It is always hard to get the perfect gift for kids. What you may like as an adult, may not be popular with the younger generation and today’s influencers. Today we are sharing five cool, kid proven gifts that are perfect for lovers of arts and crafts. Take a look at five very cool ideas, with links straight to Amazon (in case you are inspired). Counting down to our top recommendation, here are five ideas to get you started.

One more thing… We at Harbor 347 understand that Arts and Crafts deals can break the budget. There are kits out there that cost $100s of dollars each. That is why we scoured the web for absolutely killer deals. At the time of this posting, every deal listed below can be had on Amazon for under $20 with fast and free shipping!

Number 5. Friendship Bracelet Making Kit

At one point, the most popular gift out there was a fidget spinner. That fad burned out as quickly quickly as it came. One thing that will never burn out is friendship bracelets. With roots going back thousands of years, perhaps as long as humans have had ten digits and learned to braid. This kit is inexpensive and loads of fun. It can be done in a group or solo, there is no wrong way to make a friendship bracelet!

Check out the Friendship Bracelet Making Kit on Amazon now.

Number 4. Window Art… Without Marking Up Your Windows

In this very cool kit, your loved ones can make their own window art in this kit by Horizon Group USA offered through Amazon with super fast shipping. The kit includes 12 pre-printed sheets with paint, suction cups, and everything you need for your kids to hang their work of art. No need to worry about magic markers directly on the windows, the sheets protect your glass while offering your kids a chance to display their developing motor skills and creativity.

Interested in the Window Art Kit? Check it out on Amazon now.

Number 3. Dinosaur Painting Kit

Okay, let’s face it, very few things we learn about as kids are cooler than dinosaurs. Just about every child grows up with some kind of dinosaur doll or action figure. Imagine if you had a chance to impart your own creativity? A red and blue T-Rex? Why not! This kit enables exactly that. The dinosaurs come unpainted ready to be re-imagined and inspired by the creativity your kids bring to the table.

Ready for Dino trouble? View the product and review on Amazon now.

Number 2. How About A Birdhouse… Or Two?

This super cool arts and craft kit will provide your young ones with hours of enjoyment. What makes this environmentally friendly project so much cooler is that your son, daughter, neice, nephew, god child, etc., will get to hang up their finished work in their back yard and watch a family of bluebirds move in and raise a family. This kit one you can’t pass up. Not ready to buy? Follow the link below and add it to your saved cart so it is ready for you when you are!

Score these Birdhouses on Amazon now.

Number 1. Paint Marker Pens for Pet Rocks

Folks this trend to paint rocks is nowhere near over. This is one of those activities that lets your kids go find a cool rock, paint it, find somewhere to display their work of art, and so much more. Mixing indoor and outdoor activities, paint marker pens tops our list of exciting gift ideas for kids.

Check out the Marker Pens on Amazon now.

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