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The Xyron creative station lite is a compact all-in-one tool for adding adhesive, magnet or lamination to your creative projects. This handy machine accepts two different sized refill cartridges minimizing waste and maximizing flexibility for your smaller sized projects. There is no heat, batteries or electricity required and the drop-in- refill cartridges allow you to switch applications quickly and easily. Xyron creative station lite is ideal for making wedding invitations, handmade cards, educational flash cards, and home decorating projects.

Review on Product

The product description says it all. It's one of the best products an avid crafter/scrapbooker will have in their toolbox. Crafters will appreciate the two size flexibility, the ease of use and their end product. It reduces the time spent searching for the perfect sticker book from crafting stores and online websites. Users can pick between a 3 inch or 5 inch adhesive spool and also pick from Xyron's other refill options, such as permanent adhesive, repositionable adhesive, laminate adhesive, magnet, and more.  Note, if you want long lasting images/stickers use the laminate adhesive spool.

Using this machine is easy. Simply select your image, place and guide your image on the feed tray, use one hand to hold the machine in place and the other to crank the handle (this will feed the image through the machine). Once the image passes through the machine it becomes a sticker. Use the built-in slide cut bar to remove the sticker from the machine. Use scissors to cut the image to desired shape and size, then place it where ever you please. There is absolutely no electricity needed and there is no melting plastic smell.

The two biggest issues with the Xyron is the amount of wasted adhesive and the price of refill adhesive. Overall, users really like the machine's ease of use giving it 4.6 out of 5 stars with over 1,200 reviews.

Key Specs

Additional Details


Xyron Creative Station Lite













  • Easy to Use
  • Multiple End Product Options
  • Lightweight and Compact
  • Makes Stickers In Seconds
  • No Electricity/Heat Required


  • Price of Refill Adhesive
  • Amount of Wasted Adhesive
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